WB Consulting Group is an enterprise dealing with consultancy services for commercial companies. The WB Consulting Group has been operating in the market since 2005 and within the remaining years has completed successfully many projects which delivered operational benefits for the WB Consulting Group customers.

The distinguishing feature of the services offered by the WB Consulting Group is individual relations connecting principals and the WB Consulting Group’s consultant.

The WB Consulting Group doesn’t lead separate business projects simultaneously. This rule allows the WB Consulting Group to be fully devoted to close cooperation with the principal. The WB Consulting Group doesn’t work with support of hired employees who, very often, present a theoretical approach (external consultancies are commissioned by the WB Consulting Group to independent specialists only in case of handling with specific, technical matters). The personal consultant from the WB Consulting Group side is Mr. Wojciech Bondara, long-term economic practices, graduate of domestic and international business school (Mr. Wojciech Bondara is the only person in Poland holding Master of Business Administration diploma of TiasNimbas University, the Netherlands, 2007).

The WB Consulting Group always offers practical attitude and adjusts managerial tools, procedures, and final programs to specific needs of the principals.

The WB Consulting Group cooperating together with the principal:

The most impressive business projects prepared by the WB Consulting Group up to now have been addressed to companies operating in FMCG and industrial goods industries. By a use of universal diagnostic methods the WB Consulting Group is able to cooperate with all kinds of commercial organization regardless of industry, business dimension, or kind of activity.

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